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Imogene Jones

14 May 2012 12 Comments

Here’s a free download for all of you lovers out there.  I’m on the fence about whether or not I should be charging for my music in this day and age.  What’s your opinion?


  • Dan Freewordz said:

    131 people named Imogene Jones in the USA. What ones Pete talking about.

  • kevinx55656 said:

    oh yes,

  • kevinx55656 said:

    love it,

  • Andrea said:

    I think so. Your music is definitely worth it. Although it is nice to have a free song now and then.

  • Araby said:

    Give it away, man! But only to people who give you something back…

  • Heather C said:

    Yes! I was actually looking for the BUY button… not that I don’t love free, but at least $1.99 or something…

  • PeteMiser (author) said:

    @Heather C, Thanks for listening and commenting. This one is happily for free. Trying to figure out what to do for future releases.

  • maria said:

    Don’t give “it” away for free like some kinda “Ho”

    I don’t anymore!

  • Rich said:

    If the money helps to keep you creating then YES you should charge something. You make your living making music and need to be compensated. But a freebie now and then won’t hurt the Karma! THANKS!

  • Jennifer said:

    Charge! Your music is totally worth it. So much better than most of the other stuff out there that people are making millions on. You work hard and create art that speaks to me and lots of others. I have happily purchased all your records and would travel pretty far if you ever decide to rock the stage again. P-Town would be ideal, but I LOVE Brooklyn too :) Keep making it and I’ll keep buying it!

  • Jaime said:

    I love your stuff and it’s definitively worth paying for. I want you to keep making music, so I’m even willing go above the market rate, but that’s me speaking for myself.

    I thought your “pay what you like” offer for the “Honest Mistakes” album was great, it gave me the opp to show some love. Good move to give some great music away to the public to create a buzz.
    Keep it going!

  • Kendra said:

    Your music is totally worth charging for. Anything to keep more coming. I discovered your music by accidently buying a Five Fingers album at a record store, when I got home I found out it was the some of the best hip hop I’ve ever heard. I’ve gotten addicted since then. :)