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AT&T Speech:

Target Soulcycle:

Honey Nut Cheerios:



Client 9, The Rise And Fall Of Eliot Spitzer (trailer)

Ten days before the film was to debut at the Tribeca Film Festival, director, Alex Gibney asked me for a song for the final scene and end credit sequence of his feature documentary about fallen New York governor, Eliot Spitzer.  The song, titled Higher Power, features Maya Azucena and starts at 45 seconds into the trailer.


Everything Is Illuminated (feature film)

Jack Livesey and I teamed up to do a remix of my song, So Sensitive for the fantasy scene in Everything Is Illuminated.  Big up Liev Shreiber for teaching me the proper pronunciation of “Ya Takoy!”


Planet BBoy (feature documentary)

I was a B-Boy before I was an MC or a DJ so when director Benson Lee asked me to work on music for his documentary film, Planet BBoy, the answer was an obvious yes.  My music is scattered throughout the film but this scene is especially meaningful because it features the legendary Ken Swift.  Shout to Seven Gems!


Through The Fire (feature film end credits)

I teamed up with Duncan Sheik to create the score for Through The Fire, a feature-length documentary about New York basketball sensation, Sebastian Telfair.  This is the final scene and end credit sequence that features an original Pete Miser song also called Through The Fire.


Reebok “I Knew” (advertising)

I partnered with Duotone Audio to create the music for three nationally broadcast spots that asked accomplished professional athletes if there was a particular moment when they knew they were the real deal.


Bacardi Peach Red (advertising)

This is one of three spots for Bacardi Flavors that feature my music.  I did them in partnership with Duotone Audio.


Revlon (advertising)

The song in this spot was eventually licensed by Duotone Audio for nine nationally broadcast Revlon commercials featuring Halle Berry and Jessica Alba.


Nike (advertising)

One of two spots for Nike featuring my music.  The spots were produced and directed by UVPH.